Edward D Elliott, LAc, DiplAc

scalp-acupunctureTrained in the Classical Chinese medical tradition, taijitu
Edward feels that the community can greatly benefit from the knowledge and wisdom that Classical
Chinese medicine offers.

Since health is the natural state of the body, and that the body and mind are inseparable in a state of health, these concepts are brought into each treatment you will receive.

Chinese medicine can address issues ranging from emotionally
induced illnesses, allergies, trauma, addiction, musculo-skeletal, menopausal, migraines, gastrointestinal disorders, sleep issues, and aids in the regulation of day to day stress.

Edward feels that in order to treat patients properly, treatments must be formulated in the present, which allows for issues to be treated on a very deep level, allowing the body to instigate it’s own healing process.

Nationally and State Board Certified by the