What to Expect

posterior-legAll appointments are set up for 1 hour time slots. This allows for the patient to have ample time to discuss their condition, for intake of history, and also discussion regarding diagnosis.

After a diagnosis is made, moxibustion* (if applicable) and needling will take place. The acupuncture needles will stay in from 10 to 20 minutes depending upon the condition being treated.

There are several conditions which may require the use of electro-stimulation, or micro-amperage along with the use of needles or pads. Cupping may also be used if deemed necessary.

Many patients ask if the acupuncture needles hurt upon insertion. Most patients will feel only a slight pinch or tingling sensation that nearly always goes away very quickly.

•Moxibustion is the use of mugwort, or artemesia vulgaris, an herb used in the practice of Chinese medicine. The moxa stick will be lit and held near acupuncture points.